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Girls' Generation, Visit the NHN corp. !!!

But, I don't know why visit us. -_-a Girls' Generation , also known as SNSD, the acronym of So Nyeo Shi Dae, is a large nine member girl group formed in 2007 by SM Entertainment. The group debuted on SBS Inkigayo on August 5, 2007, performing their first single, "Into the New World". The members are (in order of official announcement) YoonA, Tiffany, YuRi, HyoYeon, SooYoung, SeoHyun, TaeYeon (the leader), Jessica, and Sunny. They are said to be a multilingual group. Aside Korean, they are said to know English, Chinese, and Japanese. Both Jessica and Tiffany have been raised in America, HyoYeon traveled to Beijing in 2004, and SooYoung started out in the Japanese entertainment business first in the girl group Route-O in 2004.

The World’ s Largest Matrix Computation

The World's Largest Matrix Computation One of the reasons why Google is such an effective search engine is the PageRank™ algorithm, developed by Google's founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, when they were graduate students at Stanford University. PageRank is determined entirely by the link structure of the Web. It is recomputed about once a month and does not involve any of the actual content of Web pages or of any individual query. Then, for any particular query, Google finds the pages on the Web that match that query and lists those pages in the order of their PageRank. Imagine surfing the Web, going from page to page by randomly choosing an outgoing link from one page to get to the next. This can lead to dead ends at pages with no outgoing links, or cycles around cliques of interconnected pages. So, a certain fraction of the time, simply choose a random page from anywhere on the Web. This theoretical random walk of the Web is a Markov chain or Markov process . The limitin

Yahoo! sued over disclosure of Chinese citizens' identities

Mark Tran Tuesday August 28, 2007 Guardian Unlimited Photograph: Getty Images The internet company Yahoo! has become embroiled in a legal battle with a human rights group over a decision to disclose the identity of Chinese citizens, leading to their arrests. Yahoo! is being sued by the World Organisation for Human Rights, based in Washington, on behalf of Wang Xiaoning and his wife, Yu Ling. He is serving a 10-year prison sentence for advocating democratic reform in articles circulated on the internet. The group is also suing Yahoo! on behalf of Shi Tao, a journalist serving a 10-year sentence for sending an email summarising a Chinese government communiqué on how reporters should handle the 15th anniversary of the 1989 crackdown on the pro-democracy movement. The suit alleges that these people - and others yet to be identified - were tortured or subjected to inhumane treatment at the hands of the Chinese authorities because of information that Yahoo!, Yahoo! China or Alibaba

See my habitat through Google Earth "Bundang First Tower" lat=37.383034, lon=127.121532

Bottom Line for Successful Collaboration

Remarks by Mitch Friedman, Director, Conservation Northwest to the American Forest Resource Council at their Annual Conference, April 18, 2006 Visit Grist for Mitch's full article on this important issue Ladies and Gentleman, As flattered as I am by Will’s kind words, I want the record to note that I attended today under assertions that this event was just some folks gathering for a round of golf. I’ve taken note of the nearest exits and am wearing running shoes. Actually, it was with pleasure that I accepted the invitation to sit up here with Will and Russ, both of whom I think very highly of, to see if I could get a rise out of you all. Let's acknowledge up front that there are a lot of battle scars in the room today. I have no intention of living down my past, even if you would allow me. I was among the very first tree-sitters and organized the first spotted owl protests. My organization has long been among the list of usual suspects on appeals and litigation. The fact

Job life story

I do a job life with the bad team unit together. He is a clever in a superficial way and always snatches my business result. But, only the Hbase Shell will be beautifully successful.

Huge Hole Found in the Universe

The universe has a huge hole in it that dwarfs anything else of its kind. The discovery caught astronomers by surprise. The hole is nearly a billion light-years across. It is not a black hole, which is a small sphere of densely packed matter. Rather, this one is mostly devoid of stars, gas and other normal matter, and it's also strangely empty of the mysterious "dark matter" that permeates the cosmos. Other space voids have been found before, but nothing on this scale. Astronomers don't know why the hole is there. "Not only has no one ever found a void this big, but we never even expected to find one this size," said researcher Lawrence Rudnick of the University of Minnesota. Rudnick's colleague Liliya R. Williams also had not anticipated this finding. "What we've found is not normal, based on either observational studies or on computer simulations of the large-scale evolution of the universe," said Williams, also of the University of

Lee, Moving to JBoss a division of Red Hat

A few days ago, he's leaved NHN corp. I heard he was moving to JBoss a division of Red Hat. I feel enviable. -0- Trustin Lee is a member of the Apache Software Foundation , a PMC (Project Management Committee) chair, committer, and the founder of the Apache MINA project, who is involved in various open source projects. He has been developing high-performance network applications including a massive SMS gateway, a lightweight ESB, and ApacheDS LDAP server in Java for more than 4 years. Please look around his blog or his résumé to find out more about him.

Yahoo, Microsoft asked to censor Chinese blogs

Yahoo Inc., Microsoft Corp. and other providers of blogging technology in China agreed to try to sign up users under their real names and to censor their posts, a journalism advocacy group that condemns the accord said Thursday. Under the accord with the Internet Society of China, an offshoot of the Information Industry Ministry, the companies are "encouraged" to register users under their real names, Reporters Without Borders said in a statement. The companies may be forced to censor content or identify bloggers, the Paris-based group said. The agreement is detrimental to free speech because service providers would be forced to divulge bloggers' identities or be punished by the government, Reporters Without Borders said. The companies also are required to "delete illegal and bad information" from blogs, the group said. "As they already did with website hosting services, the authorities have given themselves the means to identify those posting 'subve

Naver, The Google Of South Korea

Crowd's wisdom helps South Korean search engine beat Google and Yahoo from the New York Times describes South Korea's most popular search engine, Naver . Naver currently has a 77 percent share of all searches from within South Korea. follows with 10.8 percent, Yahoo with just 4.4 percent and Google with a tiny 1.7 percent of Korean Web searches. Why does Google fall short in South Korea? Wayne Lee, an analyst at Woori Investment and Securities, said "No matter how powerful Google's search engine may be, it doesn't have enough Korean-language data to trawl to satisfy South Korean customers." Naver's founders realized that when searching in Korean, there was hardly anything to be found. So they set out to create the content and databases, so that when you would search in Korean, you would find quality content. Naver set up "Knowledge iN" in 2002, enabling Koreans to help each other in a type of real-time question-and-answer platform. On a

Hbase Shell

Hbase Shell is a basic, command-line, and interactive 'shell' for manipulating tables in Hbase. It has support for a small set of SQL-inspired operations. Results are presented in an ASCII-table format. The Hbase Shell aims to be to Hbase what the mysql client command-line tool is to mysqld, and what sqlplus to Oracle. Hbase Shell was first added to TRUNK in July, 2007.

Google Sky Gives a Close-Up View of the Universe

Armchair explorers will now have the entire universe at their fingertips, thanks to Google's latest venture, Google Sky, a new free feature that's an application in the popular Google Earth program. Starting today, anyone with a computer can view a close-up of about 100 million galaxies and 200 million stars। To access Google Sky, available today, download the new Google Earth at . "This is an application that allows you to see the sky at very, very high resolution, as if you were just flying through the universe and seeing and visiting galaxies," said Chikai Ohazama, a Google product manager who has worked to gather data from astronomical organizations around the world. Google has stitched together real photographs of the universe into one giant database. "Basically you're seeing imagery that you have to have a very, very high-powered telescope to look at and we're placing that in the database," Ohazama said. "You can zo

FT: Yahoo!'s bet on Hadoop

One of the most important announcements at Oscon last week was Yahoo!'s commitment to support Hadoop. We've been writing about Hadoop on radar for a while, so it's probably not news to you that we think Hadoop is important. Yahoo's involvement wasn't actually news either, because Yahoo! had hired Doug Cutting, the creator of hadoop, back in January. But Doug's talk at Oscon was kind of a coming out party for Hadoop, and Yahoo! wanted to make clear just how important they think the project is. In fact, I even had a call from David Filo to make sure I knew that the support is coming from the top. Jeremy Zawodny's post about hadoop on the Yahoo! developer network does a great job of explaining why Yahoo! considers hadoop important: For the last several years, every company involved in building large web-scale systems has faced some of the same fundamental challenges. While nearly everyone agrees that the "divide-and-conquer using lots of cheap hardware&quo