Rough analysis of Google's Pregel-clone projects.

1. Apache Hama is currently focused on implementing pure BSP computing engine on top of Hadoop and its performance. They also plan to add a Pregel-like graph computing framework.

2. Y!'s giraph is different in the sense that it runs as a map-only job.
See the org.apache.giraph.graph.GiraphJob.BspMapper. They uses existing Hadoop Map/Reduce.

3. JPregel is a prototype level project I think. But, well written code.

4. And, GoldenOrb. Sorry, I didn't read their code.

I gotta autograph from Nancy Lang (modern pop artist)

I gotta autograph from Nancy Lang \o/
I didn't know her very well but she seems such a cool person.

The Survival

Two days ago, I found great illumination in the BBC Wildlife. Competition and collaboration. Both sides has the same purpose.

The Survival.

The social network evolution is influenced by strong instinct, "a desire for existence". Love, money, reputation, ... Now I can understand why many people likes Survival TV shows or social network services. :P The Survival is the perfect story of life.

The power of story

We don't just buy the product, we buy the story behind it. The man loves 'Porsche'. Because there are stories about freedom and romance of youth.

We don't just join a company, we join because of its story and vision.

Create your story, tell your story and leverage your story!!!!!

Apache Hama 0.2.0-incubating Released!

Apache Hama 0.2.0-incubating Released!

Hama is a distributed computing framework based on BSP (Bulk Synchronous Parallel) computing techniques for massive scientific computations.

This first release includes:

  • BSP computing framework and its examples
  • CLI-based managing and monitoring tool of BSP job

You can be downloaded from the download page of Hama website[2].


MongoDB 완벽 가이드, 책으로 읽어보다

증정용이 도착했다~ \o/
두려운 마음으로 한장 한장 넘겼다.

데드라인이 넘어가면서 역자서문/표지 번역은 출/퇴근길 아이폰으로 버스에서 구글 닥스에 붙어 작업했고 아주 막판엔 지쳐서 2번 정도 대강 읽고 끝내버렸기에 은근히 신경쓰였는데, ... 이거이거 꽤 잘 나왔잖아!!

(아, 물론 내 생각 .. )