GSoC, Implementation of single source shortest path using Hama

Despite the Hama project[1] is still under heavy construction, one of my GSoC students has excellently (or aggressively) finished implementing[2] his plan, "Implementation of single source shortest path using Hama"[3] and also started to contribute improvements to the Hama project. He used an algorithm described in Google Pregel paper[4], and it works nicely on my 2-rack cluster (512 cores).

But, more surprisingly, he is just 19 years old! :o When I was 19 years old?

  • JDK 1.1 released.
  • I first met the monster called Diablo[5].
  • I ridden bike.



[Note] Dijkstra's vs. Bellman-Ford

  • Dijkstra's : relax each edge exactly once (can't handle negative weights)
  • Bellman-Ford : relax each edge |V| -1 times

Anything else?