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Apache Hama - BSP Job Submission Portal

I just made a simple web portal, where you can submit your BSP job and execute it on my test cluster. I spend 1 hour writing code and didn't test enough. :P Try to upload hama-0.2.0-examples.jar, and put the args "bench 5 5 1".

Enjoy the cool summer with Apache Hama and GSoC 2011

The Apache Software Foundation was accepted for Google Summer of Code 2011.  Enjoy the cool summer with Apache Hama and GSoC! Introduction Apache Hama is a Google's Pregel-like, a distributed computing framework based on Bulk Synchronous Parallel. GSoC 2011 Projects: 1. Evaluation of Hama BSP communication protocol performance The goal of this project  HAMA-358  is performance evaluation of RPC frameworks (e.g., Hadoop RPC, Thrift, Google Protobuf, ..., etc) to figure out which is the best solution for Hama BSP communication. Currently Hama is using Hadoop RPC to communicate and transfer messages between BSP workers. By this project, students will have learned how to evaluate components in the design phase. A list of prerequisite: Understanding of Bulk Synchronous Parallel model Understanding of RPC (remote procedure call) Programming skills: Shell scripts 2d plotting programming The estimated duration for this project: 12 weeks The level of difficulty: High

Apache Hama 0.2.0 Release Candidates

OSS 릴리즈 관리에 GnuPG (그누피지) 사용하기

GnuPG는 GNU Privacy Guard의 약자로 문서나 파일을 암호화할 때 사용되는 소프트웨어이다. 자세한 내용은 공식 웹사이트를 참조: - 일반적으로 오픈소스는 (Apache 프로젝트도 역시) 릴리즈할 때 release tarball 에 GnuPG (그누피지) 를 사용해서 사인을 하는데, 나는 어제 처음 써본것이라 3시간을 이것때문에 삽질했다. :/ 어쨌거나 암호학에 생소하면 당췌 문서를 이해하기 쉽지않고 한글 문서는 찾아볼 수도 없어서 이참에 정리를 좀 해보면, 1. 제일 먼저 GPG 키가 없으면 다음과 같은 명령어로 하나 생성해야된다: [edwardyoon@minotaur:~/public_html/dist]$ gpg --gen-key 2. 질문에 대해서는 대부분 default 로 넘어가면 되고 완료가 되면 다음과 같은 명령어로 ASCII 공개키를 파일로 생성할 수 있다: [edwardyoon@minotaur:~/public_html/dist]$ gpg --armor --output KEYS --export Edward J. Yoon Warning: using insecure memory! [edwardyoon@minotaur:~/public_html/dist]$ cat KEYS -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.16 (FreeBSD) mQMuBE1uPgIRCADVN8LNKn8God0EM+PuJ4Y7+YV6FY3R/IFa/W5XbHZpDBWT161S tZe+w4e4hl+cK5eHDkjvnj+Xx8g9u/ohxF31SOGDrbNBdDpOMJEG6F9vu3TdNdVb Kz8yLHcjp5v/kQNngyytn/4rVXtYjFCta8Ks5DAHUZCfESoRf8HLvk5fHr4AwXng vG85xHqQ3axW3SGO4ZDnsaLrofaHazemjR+wxmY7XK6No/aV5gyfTpKgq1sDKzge NSNxEs99Om1Xfra

Monitoring and Mining Network Traffic in Clouds

Check out this SlideShare Presentation: Monitoring and mining network traffic in clouds View more presentations from Edward J. Yoon .