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A Plan for the New Year

This year has been frantically busy for me. (My 2008 plan worked pretty well) - My position changes have been made. - I've been forming up the Hama / Heart project as a open source. - New York local chapter of the Heart project was organized. I believe that's a good start even if there is no result. This New Year's, - I'll improve our projects. - I've been thinking about taking a job in US next year. And, I want my parents to be healthy during 2009. :-)

BigTable for GMail

Aram said... Does anyone know why Google does not use Bigtable for Gmail? Rob Kohr said... @aram How do you know they don't? Aram said... @ Rob I don't remember where I read it for the first time. But I asked this question from Jeff Dean. He said maybe Gmail is older than bigtable. Which I don't think is the real reason, because Orkut is even older than Gmail, and it does use bigtable. He also mentioned it could be because of the size of Gmail, not a suprise answer for me. -- Personally, I think they use bigtable for gmail but, they don't answer because email is a delicate problem, there is no need to highlighting. Recently, I'm considering to store the large-scale webmail data on the Hbase. I expect to be able to solve both real-time and batch issues and cost-effective physical/human infra- resources management -- ROI and how spam/system sustaining impacts