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A automated CI server for Hama integration builds

Apache Hama project is now using Hudson for our nightly/patch builds as a Hadoop project. The logic is simple : All the Jira state changes are sent to the Hama mailing list. A daemon on the build machine is subscribed to the mailing list and processes the mail using script. The patch "queue" created by that script is administered by the Hama-Patch-Admin build which runs script every few minutes. When there is a patch to test, the Hama-Patch build is kicked off running script.

Type in my name in Google

His name is wesley gibson. (Wanted 2008) And, My name is Edward J. Yoon (윤진석) According to google search engine, my name is related with NHN. I'm write under various names (e.g. edward , udanax, 윤진석,..., etc), However, Since I have no activities on local communities, My korean name (윤진석) and ID (Udanax) are dying out so I guess the information of the number of times search query happened used for related keywords.

Google’s Personalized Page Ranking

Image V^T is a historical vector of person. I just guess it is related with BigTable and others.

Hudson configuration

Apache Hama project is now apparently using Hudson for our nightly builds. Yes, hudson was already installed on apache zone. However, it was difficult to configure new job. :) For more information about the hudson: Documentation: Plugins: Change log: SVN:

Apache Con US 2008

- I wants to go ApacheCon 2008, expects an accidental meeting with you!! :)