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Hadoop summit

Hadoop Overview - Doug Cutting and Eric Baldeschwieler Doug Cutting - pretty much the father of Hadoop gave an overview of Hadoop history. Interesting comment was that Hadoop has achieved web-scale in early 2008... Eric14 (Eric B...): Grid computing at Yahoo. 500M unique users per month, billions of interesting events per day. 'Data analysis is the inner loop" at Yahoo. Y's vision and focus: On-demand shared access to vast pool of resources, support for massively parallel execution. , Data Intensive Super Computer (DISC), centrally provisioned and managed, service oriented...Y's focus is not grid computing in in terms of Globus, etc., not focused on external usage ala Amazon EC2/S3. Biggest grid is about 2,000 nodes. Open Source Stack: Commitment to open source developent, Yahoo is an Apache Platinum Sponsor Tools used to implement Yahoo's grid vision: Hadoop, Pig, Zookeeper (high avail directory and config sevices), Simon (cluster and app monitoring). Simon:

A New Parallel Algorithm For Evaluating The Determinant of A Matrix of Order n

Here's the link of PPT file. I think one of these partitioning ideas can be used for hama.

Hama, Stepping into Apache Incubator.