Google adds 'promote' and 'remove' buttons to search results

Google adds 'promote' and 'remove' buttons to search results. The commenting is also possible. I wild guess that it may be a system for collecting vote, which can be used for many kinds of application (e.g. find an dead links, personalized applications, ..., etc).

'BigTable' Talk with google engineer

@ google open source talkfest.

Edward Yoon :

IMO, BigTable array structure seems similar to the multi-dimensional database, so I thought that a data layer for bulk/analytical processing. Can you tell me how to use BigTable at google? The BigTable is suitable for storing any kind of data?

Google Engineer :

BigTable is one of the storage solution, and used for all sorts of things. It is adequate for the high frequency read/write characteristics, so BigTable suits with real-time service and large scale processing. But, There's no objective data.

Edward Yoon :

Ok, The BigTable entries are expressed as row-column-time, So I thought it can be used for Financial engineering, Topological Algebra, Linear Algebra processing. Can you tell me some exemplification if it's true?

Google Engineer :

Yes, it's possible But, that is (some exemplification) out of my ability.

NHN DeView 2008

NHN corporation has been officially (It may perhaps already... since I'm the one of the NHN, corp.) started to share something w/ exterior developers. Because open source has become the ultimate components, open sourcings are attracting tremendous interest.

NHN DeView is a chance to learn about nhn developer products (zeroboard, cubrid, nForge, ..., etc) from the engineers who built them. The cubrid is a open source database, and nForge is NHN's open source project hosting web site.

This is a good news. However IMO, If they have only value/marketing/strategic-oriented thinking, It'll end in an empty talk.