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Cancers Generate Muscle-Like Contractions ...

There are only two cells that declares independence from our body. A germ cell and cancer cell. Few days ago, I saw the amazing news "Cancers Generate Muscle-Like Contractions to Spread Around the Body ... ".

Do they wants to revert back to a single cell state? Are they independent beings?

VIA-based (Bulk Synchronous Parallel) BSPLib vs. BSPLib

The Virtual Interface Architecture (VIA) is an abstract model of an user-level zero-copy network, and is the basis for InfiniBand, iWARP and RoCE. Created by Microsoft, Intel, and Compaq, the original VIA sought to standardize the interface for high-performance network technologies known as System Area Networks (SAN).

The VIA model of high-performance by simplifying protocol stacks and reducing kernel-copy overheads, can be also used to avoid bottlenecks caused by the communication overheads in Parallel clustering system.

Message (bytes)VIA-based BSPLibBSPLibbsp_get()bsp_send()bsp_get()bsp_send()1k3873596857622k5064768259034k683667103310828k105511081421137716k177618152224212932k3245323138853716
The above table presents a comparison of time delay(us) of VIA-based and UDP/IP based BSPLib. VIA-based BSPLib shows the obvious better performance than the performance of UDP/IP based.

Francis Galton’s Ox

(an excerpt from The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki)

One day in the fall of 1906, the British scientist Francis Galton left his home in the town of Plymouth and headed for a country fair. Galton was eighty-five years old and beginning to feel his age, but he was still brimming with the curiosity that had won him renown—and notoriety—for his work on statistics and the science of heredity. And on that particular day, what Galton was curious about was livestock.

Galton’s destination was the annual West of England Fat Stock and Poultry Exhibition, a regional fair where the local farmers and townspeople gathered to appraise the quality of each other’s cattle, sheep, chickens, horses, and pigs. Wandering through rows of stalls examining workhorses and prize hogs may seem to have been a strange way for a scientist (especially an elderly one) to spend an afternoon, but there was a certain logic to it. Galton was a man obsessed with two things: the measurement of physical and mental qual…