Hamburg, will be integrated to Apache Hama project.

Hamburg, will be integrated to Apache Hama project soon.

Hamburg is the BSP based graph computing framework on top of Hadoop. We're working on the perfection of a project as a open source. Since the matrix is the great tool to store graph data and process them, we thought the idea of dealing with graph and matrix at one place.

Is this the new venture or just another desperation?

Recently, I'm trying to figure out another (better) life since I've lost my passion for company.

Of course, despite some failures (e.g. global services), this company has had quite a good year on balance. And, this company is still one of the largest enterprises of its kind.

Well, IMO, the problems are partly due to bad (conservative) management. There's no room for new talent. The fact that many people also think like me adds conviction to my view.

However, I have no plan yet and don't know whether it is right or wrong. Is this the new venture of just another desperation?

Google Code Jam 2009

Google Code Jam 2009, 누군가 소개해줘서 어제 진입했습니다. 저녁밥도 먹어야 되고 잠도 자야해서, 한 문제만 풀고 말았습니다만, 다행히 한 문제만 풀어도 다음 Round 가능 한가보군요. 이렇게 다음 Round 참여하는 한국인은 151명 입니다.

Qualification 문제 치고는 나름 영어 + 난이도가 있어 보이더군요. 그런데 오오, 한국인 중 가장 상위권에 있는 놀라운 Astein, 이사람은 대략 똑똑하고 GCJ 과거 유경험자인듯 하네요.

아마도 apache committer들 중에서 코딩 스킬이 가장 허접할것 같은 제가 과연 몇 Round 버틸지는 모르겠으나, 어디 한번 Top 10 ranking 과 상금을 노려볼까요~ :)