conversazione with Zaheda

location : Google Seoul Office.
subject : Open Source Program and Software

6:30~7:00: dinner, reception.
7:00~8:30: conversazione.

Zaheda Bhorat,
Open Source Programs Manager, Google, Inc.

Zaheda Bhorat is Open Source Programs Manager at Google, Inc., working on projects to promote the spread of open source software both inside and outside Google. She has been responsible for programs like the Google Summer of Code, Google-O'Reilly Open Source Awards and is driving Google's support of open standards such as Open Document Format (ODF).

She has more than 15 years of experience in technology and software with expertise in open source software, web 2.0, and community building. Before joining Google, Zaheda was responsible for the open source community at while at Sun Microsystems. She built the first open source marketing community with volunteers to support the office application, and the first native language community which now boasts 100 languages. Prior this Zaheda was responsible for the (online) Apple Store and building online communities at Apple Computer Inc. while managing the Apple Online Service Division in Europe.

An internationally-known advocate for open source software, Zaheda speaks regularly to educate on open source topics, open standards, particularly in developing countries. She has an engineering degree and would like to encourage open source principles and methods to spread to areas outside of software.

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