NHN DeView 2008

NHN corporation has been officially (It may perhaps already... since I'm the one of the NHN, corp.) started to share something w/ exterior developers. Because open source has become the ultimate components, open sourcings are attracting tremendous interest.

NHN DeView is a chance to learn about nhn developer products (zeroboard, cubrid, nForge, ..., etc) from the engineers who built them. The cubrid is a open source database, and nForge is NHN's open source project hosting web site.

This is a good news. However IMO, If they have only value/marketing/strategic-oriented thinking, It'll end in an empty talk.


  1. I don't know this company exactly, but I know the NAVER.com

    Could you more explain about "cubrid database"? is it just relational DBMS?

  2. According to "http://www.cubrid.com/product2.php" (korean), it is a object oriented DBMS as a generalization of relational DBMS. But, I didn't used it.

  3. Hi Ed.
    can you post some links to DeView so we know where to look?

  4. Hi kryton. I had an encounter with you during watch the google summer of code.

    And sure, http://blog.naver.com/deview_con/