Google: statistical machine translation

Google has been investing significant resources in a multi-year effort to develop its statistical machine translation technology. It seems really interesting to me.

The sense of some word (e.g. singular, plural, synonym, polynym, ..., etc) is not clear, and Idioms usually cannot be translated literally in another language. It means it's important to grasp the meaning from the context. So, "statistical machine translation".

Generally, the alignment methodology used for machine translation. Then, We can simply think about statistical alignment and machine translation for a mapreduce model as describe below :

- Compute p(f/e) by summing the probabilities of all alignments.

e: English sentence
l : the length of e in words
f : French sentence
m : the length of f
fj : word j in f
aj : the position in e that fj is aligned with
eaj : the word in e that fj is aligned with
p(wf/we) : translation prob.
Z : normalization constant

You may want to see also : Bayesian spam filtering using Map/Reduce
Anyway, We may see the multi-language/semantic-information search engine soon.


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