Naver's takeover of Wingbus

The RealTravel of south korea, Wingbus which aggregates tour stories and photos of bloggers from Naver, Daum, ..., etc. has been take over by NHN, corp.

The venture competition seems a story from the old days.


  1. Anonymous17/2/09 00:44

    how do you think this will affect WingBus content and business model?

    more content from Naver ?

    a different way of making money ?

    let us know, thanks

  2. There are a lot of ideas. But, in aor one word, If used to prepare/share for your journey, advertiser (e.g. travel industry suppliers, local restaurant, ..., etc) will be increased.

  3. Anonymous18/2/09 06:03

    Hmm, I see.