Google AdSense for Domains

What is AdSense for domains?

AdSense for domains allows publishers with undeveloped domains to help users by providing relevant information including ads, links and search results.

Cool, seems a good solution for useless/undeveloped domain. I wanted to try them immediately. (In all honesty, I heard rumor that some decoy domain names by typing errors (e.g. or earn a lot of money. *smile*)

So, Just bought a few domains:


I choose these by statistical analysis, I'll report the detailed result if I can. ;)


  1. is it worth tring: the adsense for doamins..

  2. I realized that it's just tip for useless/undeveloped domain.

  3. Last night, My domains are:

    Total page impressions: 7,534
    Landing page impressions: 837
    Results page impressions: 6,697


무한의 세계

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