Problem with Zend Gdata and include path

Today, I spent a lot of time to install the Zend Gdata. I couldn't passed the InstallationChecker.php with below message:

Zend Framework Installation Errors :

Exception thrown trying to access Zend/Loader.php using 'use_include_path' = true. Make sure you include Zend Framework in your include_path which currently contains: .:/usr/share/php:/usr/local/src/Zend-Gdata/library

I thought that it's a problem related to configurations and 'include_path', but It was simply permission problem. Solution?

Make sure httpd can read Zend/Loader.php. That's all. :/

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  1. Anonymous17/3/12 16:04

    probably it is very late but do you remember what permissions you had?