VIA-based (Bulk Synchronous Parallel) BSPLib vs. BSPLib

The Virtual Interface Architecture (VIA) is an abstract model of an user-level zero-copy network, and is the basis for InfiniBand, iWARP and RoCE. Created by Microsoft, Intel, and Compaq, the original VIA sought to standardize the interface for high-performance network technologies known as System Area Networks (SAN).

The VIA model of high-performance by simplifying protocol stacks and reducing kernel-copy overheads, can be also used to avoid bottlenecks caused by the communication overheads in Parallel clustering system.

Message (bytes)VIA-based BSPLibBSPLib

The above table presents a comparison of time delay(us) of VIA-based and UDP/IP based BSPLib. VIA-based BSPLib shows the obvious better performance than the performance of UDP/IP based.

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