Received new car as compensation

I was having (engine stalls) problem with ma car 2011 Z4 sDrive30i, finally received new one as compensation from the BMW. Yahoo!

The model of my new car is 2012 new Z4 sDrive 35i with twin turbo, 7-speed dual clutch transmission, alpine white body, red seats, full sound package ..., etc. options.

I dislike turbo engine (more precisely, turbo-lag) but this is quite good, except crackable alloy wheels (you must watch out for all potholes nervously) and rough engine braking (the car behind might kick your ass if you take off the gas pedal suddenly).

This car has an awesome performance, unbelievable quick response, new +/- paddle shifts, and back-fire sounds like beast... (If you listen very closely, you may hear the sound of Benz SLS amg). Overall, ☆.

Compared to (1st generation) older model Z4, this car got convenience and enough output but lost sparky and sprinter's explosive power. Shortly, this is a sporty-daily car. If you're looking for hardcore machine, you should have to buy Lotus or, Porsche.

Additionally, this car is very fit for people who live in a mountainous area. Because, the cornering is fantastic. In (my) S. Korea case, 70% of the area is mountainous. There are all the winding roads (Even in the winter, I drive this). If you live in big country, you'll be friends with spine specialists soon.

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