I decided to join Samsung Electronics.

I roll down the shutters of my startup now (DataSayer status: Later) and join Samsung Electronics.

The reasons are simple. 1) I think the data analytics market is not open yet, and 2) there's no maintenance fund for my startup. 3) Also, their offer satisfied my conditions and it's aligned with my vision. 4) Lastly, I married last year (Yes, I need your comfort).

Why I think the market is not open yet? What's my vision?

I personally think that IT business requires two minimum conditions for success: large user base or differentiated original technology.

To increase the user base and make it commoditized, the past big data has thrown out SQL and R cards. It not only sheds no new light but further obscures matters. Things won't change soon.

Meanwhile, my vision can be explained by following keywords : Streaming, Machine Learning (I never think query-answer system is enough to mine the hidden and valuable insights from data and it's already in a red ocean), Cloud and GPU.

I have to prepare the Tomorrow, Not today!


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