Facial Symmetry

Symmetry, especially facial symmetry, is one of a number of aesthetic traits, including averageness and youthfulness, associated with health, physical attractiveness and beauty of a person or non-human animal according to the authors of Facial Attractiveness: Gillian Rhodes, Leslie A. Zebrowitz.[2] It is also hypothesized as a factor in both interpersonal attraction and interpersonal chemistry. [Wikipedia]

Human beings always pursuing beautiful things. What does beauty mean to you? IMO, the beauty is health. I guess, that emotion is for healthy breeding instinct.

A simple example is a facial symmetry.
We all know that facial symmetry is a important factor in human beauty, many researches have shown that lack of facial symmetry on average correlates with lower beauty rankings. Why Human beings feel beauty from symmetry and balance? AFAIK, the asymmetry of face is affected by spinal curvature. It means that they are unhealthy.

I've never seen animals who have asymmetry of face in the wild nature. There is a rule of jungle - "removal of the unfit and unhealthy".

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  1. Love the tag. But wait, does this mean those fashionable French people are uniformly smarter then those slovenly Americans.

    My favorite random factoid to introduce into evolutionary discussions is that soccer players born in certain seasons out perform other birth seasons. Evolutionary insta-therories are easy for why. They always are. I like to lie about which seasons, and then retract the lie and watch the rewrite the insta-theories. But in the end it's just because certain months enter school younger and get more practice.

    This stuff gets used in deadly ways.

    I do tell the pretty ~ success correlation to slovenly young men.

  2. I found this post very interesting. One of the facials I do is a microcurrent facial which of course balances facial symmetry.

    This type of facial is extremely popular and perhaps this gives an answer as to why, women feel more beautiful when their faces are more accentuated.

  3. This is really an interesting post, the girl in this picture is also very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.